Why Our Community Supports Yetta

"The Women's Democratic Club of New York City takes pride in supporting independent, non-machine, progressive candidates who care about their neighborhoods and work to improve life for all New Yorkers. We are proud to stand with our member Yetta Kurland in her candidacy for City Council in the Third District."
Patricia Rudden
President, Women's Democratic Club

“Yetta Kurland has a been a strong advocate for our community and all New Yorkers through her work as a lawyer and more recently as a broadcaster. This is the type of person we need representing us in our local government. Someone who will bring a voice to the concerns of the everyday people who live in our district.”
Michael Walsh
Chelsea Resident
"I have been proud to litigate civil rights cases with Yetta and know her to be of the utmost character and integrity. She is tenacious and never compromises as an advocate for her clients. As a community activist, she is just as tenacious and takes on powerful, special interests in favor of working people in her district and throughout the City. She has truly become a "people's advocate" and the West Village, Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen will benefit and see results when she is elected to the City Council."
Tom Shanahan
Hells Kitchen Resident and Civil Rights Attorney
“In an age where too often politicians are hesitant to display their true convictions, Yetta Kurland stays true to her genuinely progressive ideals. Yetta is the kind of fighter we need in City Hall. She is not afraid to stand up to the biggest powers and she unapologetically stands with her community. Yetta seeks to be a true public servant."
Bertha Lewis
“Yetta Kurland is a leader of the new millennium--smart and savvy--maintaining the courage of her convictions as a champion of civil rights and an advocate for economic justice. Kurland breaks down the politics of cynicism that divide and instead leads by engaging in dynamic creative-response, striving to bring us together. If you believe, as I do, that New York City should and can work better for everyone then you must support Yetta Kurland.”
Antonino D'Ambrosio
“Yetta Kurland, more than any other politician I know, represents with dignity and grace, the full spectrum of the LGBT and visibly queer community. I’m so pleased to hear she’s running for City Council in my town. Heck, I’ve been calling her Madame President for years!”
Kate Bornstein
Author and Playwright

“Yetta Kurland is attuned to the needs of the community. She has a proven track record for positive change not only in her district, but throughout New York City. She is a true advocate for the people. I am honored to support Yetta for City Council."
Nina Agrawal, MD
“I wholeheartedly support Yetta Kurland for City Council 2013. Yetta's compassion for all animals is authentic."
Stacy Alldredge
Chelsea Resident
"I know Yetta will be an excellent representative to our City Council, and a tireless advocate for our district, but not just Chelsea, Hells Kitchen and the West Village but for all of New York City.”
J. Grant Anderson
Chelsea Resident
“I strongly support Yetta Kurland for the New York City Council. There is no-one more dedicated and hard working in her endeavor to represent ALL the residents of the community, not just the special interests, who allowed St. Vincent 's Hospital to disappear so that a wealthy property developer could erect condominiums. Yetta will work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of all her constituents, especially those who do not usually get a voice in City government because they do not make large campaign contributions.”
David Aronstam
West Village Resident
"Yetta Kurland is a dynamic and powerful voice that bridges across communities and movements. Her inclusiveness and proactive approach not only within the progressive movement but outside of it makes her an ideal candidate who will be open to the veteran community's needs. I'm proud to support Yetta Kurland for City Council and urge others to do so as well."
Joe Bello

"I am a black and gay 21 year homeowner in the West Village. I first heard of Yetta when the threat of closing St. Vincent's Hospital was in the news, and she was the only one advocating to keep it open. That hospital was our community safety net, and the place I had my hip replaced. I strongly support those who have me in their best interest. Yetta's efforts to enhance the level of tolerance, civility, and quality of life in our community have gained my attention and unyielding support."
Michael Blake
West Village Resident and Program Director, Joffrey Ballet School

“Yetta Kurland has the kind of leadership that New York City needs. She has a strong track record of public service and a history of active community engagement. Additionally, Yetta has demonstrated integrity and foresight by supporting public policies that are in the interests of all the people, not just the 1%. With politics increasingly influenced by moneyed special interests, it is critical that we fight to elect leaders like Yetta into office. Yetta’s campaign is not just an election, it’s a referendum on establishment politics-as-usual itself.”
David Braun
“Yetta was my professor when I was a graduate student in the School of Education at New York University. She is an innovative thinker and educator who sought to empower her students in a way I rarely see in the field of education or in politics. Yetta will be that same innovator in City Council and will just as committed to empowering those around her."
David Brezler
"The City Council needs Yetta Kurland because in our ever-changing city she remains focused on the issues that are always central to good government. Hospitals, housing, education, jobs and equal rights are for all New Yorkers. Yetta Kurland knows this and fights so that ever one has access to them."
Joe Caffrey

"Yetta Kurland is one of the smartest and most genuine people I know. She's one of the few true 'good guys' out there. And this city needs her now more than ever."
Lee Camp
“I'm proud to support Yetta----I know she will ensure all residents of her district have a voice in their city government.”
Joseph Coe
LGBTQ community activist

“I have known Yetta Kurland for half a decade, and she is one of the most dynamic, principled and committed community leaders I know. She advocates not only for youth, but for people who can't help themselves or who need a champion to further their cause. She reflects in all her efforts the genuine needs of the community and is tireless in fighting for that.”
Bob DeSena

“While others turned their backs on the West Village people during the closing of St. Vincent 's Hospital, Yetta Kurland showed that true leadership values integrity, compassion and commitment. Yetta realized the healthcare crisis that the West Village was facing. With great odds stacked against her she founded The Coalition For a New Village Hospital. She continues our fight for a New Village Hospital. I believe that with Yetta Kurland's leadership the West Village can once again become a neighborhood that is committed to the voice of the people.

Please join me in committing to the election of Yetta Kurland.”
Eileen Dunn, RN

"Yetta is a committed activist for social and economic justice.  She uses the law to advance those goals.  She will be in a strong position to advance those goals as a member of the city council."
Harvey Epstein
West Village Resident

"I first met the people's lawyer Yetta Kurland as chair of a universal health care rights organization. Over the years I've found Yetta to be incredibly smart, effective, fearless and kind--not traits that always go together--and think she is genetically engineered to serve our communities--all of them--in the New York City Council. Nobody gets on her brief faster, has a bigger heart or can be so trusted to watch our public treasury with compassion and wisdom 24/7. Yetta Kurland has soul. She is the best of New York.”
Jeff Gold
"I passionately support Yetta Kurland because Yetta is not a “photo-op” politician. Yetta fights for real for everyday New Yorkers whether by defending their right to have a neighborhood hospital, fighting for their rights as women and LGBT residents, or by fighting to protect them as workers and small business owners. Yetta is an effective activist who inspires others to activism, and residents of her district would be very fortunate to have her on the City Council."
Matthew Goldstein
"I support Yetta because I want a City Councilmember who is accessible and devoted to the communities she serves. When it comes to standing up for the dignity and rights of New Yorkers--whether they be women, LGBTQ, homeless, or infirm--nobody raises their voice louder and actually shows up more often than Yetta. I support Yetta because she will be there for all of us."
Jake Goodman
LGBTQ Activist
“I support Yetta Kurland for City Council. As an environmental scientist, feminist, and affordable housing advocate I have worked alongside Yetta on sustainable development and environmental and social justice campaigns, most recently to prevent the installation of the Spectra pipeline in the West Village/Chelsea neighborhood. Yetta will be an incredibly able and effective City Council member because she combines the passion of an advocate with years of experience as a small business owner and attorney on civil rights issues fighting for justice for all. She has the heart and soul of the community in her bones."
Jill Greenberg

Yetta Kurland's ability to jumpstart a community's awareness of critical issues makes her run for City Council vital for all of New York city. Yetta was way head of the pack in alerting downtown citizens on the evils of upstate fracking just as she lead the fight to prevent the closure of Lower Manhattan's only full-service hospital well before an explosion of new residential high-rises has made that lack even more pressing. When Yetta takes on a community cause, there is no stopping her.
Jean Bergantini Grillo
Democratic District Leader

"Yetta Kurland is a woman I have tremendous respect for. Her commitment, passion and unwavering determination to support others and to challenge any force that oppose the civil rights of the general population is a true testament to why this respect is held not just by myself but by so many of you that have seen her in action."
Aliya Hallim-Byne
“I have to say as someone who has worked in health care for the past five years, and comprehends just how Byzantine, and grossly unfair the system is, Yetta's fight, and make no mistake it is a battle-to ensure that lower Manhattan has a level 1 trauma center yet again, is impressive. The city needs more hospitals, condos for the very rich-not so much. Yetta gets this.”
Stephanie Elaine Hunt
“Yetta has been an intrepid champion of those who most need one--defending Occupy Wall Street activists and organizing volunteers to bring food and other assistance to residents without heat or power after Hurricane Sandy. Yetta fought the closing of Saint Vincent's Hospital and has been leading the struggle to bring a full service hospital back to the Lower West Side. Let's champion Yetta in her efforts to continue working for us as a progressive member of the New York City Council.”
Barbara Kahn
West Village Resident
"No one can ever question Yetta's hard work, dedication and commitment to her community and district."
Fredy H. Kaplan

“Yetta has proven herself an outspoken and effective advocate for an array of issues affecting all New Yorkers, including civil liberties, marriage equality, healthcare - including the battle to save St. Vincent 's hospital, and other important economic and social justice concerns. Yetta 's knowledge and involvement in her community and NYC politics and policy at large is impressive, and further driven by her compassion, moral compass, and intellectual curiosity. I am proud to support her for City Council in 2013.”
David Karopkin
"With her intelligence, tenacity, and calm and balanced understanding and approach to all matters she could have easily taken another path and sided with the big money interests who always get to have their way by sheer force of financial muscle and power to corner the market on the brightest people. Yetta has instead taken the less financially rewarding path serving the needs of the less powerful in the community, and I think these clear choices she has made show her true character, and demonstrate to me that she will always fight for her constituents needs and rights, which makes her our perfect representative in city government.”
Sean Kavanaugh-Dorsett
West Village Small Business Owner
“Yetta cares about all New Yorkers and their concerns. She uses her legal expertise, ability to work with all people, common sense and compassion to help people in a variety of circumstances such as the need for a hospital on the lower West Side of NY, the minimum wage, and helping people deal with the effects of Sandy by delivering food/clothing in various settings (Fulton houses, Westbeth, Rockaways, Staten Island), etc. If anyone needs help, Yetta is there. This community commitment is accompanied by her high-energy level and multitasking skills. Without doubt, Yetta will be an effective City Councilmember.”
Jane Korczynski
West Village Resident
“As a ten-year resident of Greenwich Village, I have had the opportunity to know Yetta Kurland and witness first hand her long-standing commitment to the community. She is an exemplary leader championing causes of great importance to New Yorkers. From her work as a civil rights lawyer to advocating for a new hospital on the Lower West Side to her partnership with Transit Forward and other local community groups aiding in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, Yetta is an outstanding citizen and a compassionate human being. We would be very fortunate to have her representing us in NYC’s Council District 3.”
Leah Kozak
West Village Resident

"Yetta's courage to advocate for everyday New Yorkers is impressive. I believe she would be a valuable addition to the New York City Council."
Jeff Kurzon
Yetta Kurland is:
A very modern woman
Who will fight for us:
We who need health care
in a Trauma One ER,
Help when a storm hits
Civil Rights upheld
When underdogs are threatened.
She will not be bought!
Things will be Betta with Yetta!
She's a powerful speaker
We need more of her.
Pamela L. La Bonne
West Village Resident
“As a member of the Coalition for a New Village Hospital I am honored to Support Yetta G. Kurland, a "Courageous Humanitarian” of Great Integrity. She continues to work pro bono as a founder of this Coalition in helping our Community to regain a much needed Full Service Hospital/Level1Trauma ER on the West Side of Manhattan. She is kind/giving empathic as well as being a creative visionary, able to approach problems in novel ways and see things thru with great Insight and Wisdom. We need Yetta to represent us as our City Council Member.”
Angela M. LaMonte
West Village Resident
“Yetta Kurland is solely responsible for me keeping my apartment. Whether it's tenants' rights, rights for seniors or the fight for a Village hospital, Yetta is the one you want in your corner. She gets it!”
Penny Landau
West Village Resident
"Yetta is someone who will be an amazing arts advocate in the council, she has worked to support cutting edge work supporting emerging artists in their work giving them a platform that will truly enhance the quality of life for city residents. Additionally her forceful advocacy of restoring after-school programs to city schools also proves that she is thinking ahead to the next generation of innovators.”
Rocco Landesman
“I have been a strong supporter of Yetta from day one. She is unconditional with all of her efforts and support for all genders, for every race, She is for the people! All people. Young and old alike and puts all of her causes for the community before her own personal agenda. She does not quit and does not take no for an answer. To me I believe she will bring change that will make our quality of life much stronger than it is now.”
Stacy Ledwith
West Village Resident
“Yetta Kurland isn't just a politician. She's an organizer, activist, mentor and friend not afraid to lead where others merely follow. Between now and September, I'll be doing whatever I can to help her win a Council seat. If you care about New York City you'll do the same.”
Charles Lenchner
“I support Yetta Kurland in her campaign to become our City Councilmember because I have known her for a number of years now. During this time she has fought tirelessly for people in the local community who have not until now had a voice to speak out for them, and defend them. I support Yetta as she is a fighter for equality and civil rights for everyone. She is the voice for the underdog and those whose voices are not often heard.”
Stacy Lentz
West Village Business Owner
“Yetta Kurland is a civil rights attorney, educator, radio host, small business owner and community activist. She was at the center of the campaign for Marriage Equality and virtually every other fight for LGBTQ equality over the past two decades. More than that, Yetta has been a key figure in building bridges between the LGBTQ community, communities of color, low-income communities and other under represented communities on a wide range of social justice issues.”
Alex Leopold

"There are a limited number of people in NYC who can live up to the phrase - " You may talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?" Upon my observation of Yetta Kurland throughout the years, the answer is a resounding yes. In addition to the public stances and assistance that Yetta has done, I have also personally witnessed the same type of action extended towards her friends and neighbors out of the spotlight. With these attributes, I am proud to be a supporter of Yetta Kurland."
Recording Artist

"Yetta Kurland is the leader New York City is looking for. Progressive in her goals for working New Yorkers, there is no match more suitable for leadership than Yetta Kurland. She is the difference for our future."
Marcus Lovingood

"For the City Council on the Westside of Manhattan in 2013 , I believe Yetta Kurland is the strongest advocate and ally of the residents of the Westside.  Yetta is a civil rights attorney, educator, radio host, small business owner and community activist.  She has done more than anyone I know to fight for St. Vincent’s Hospital downtown.  In her radio show, Yetta speaks about issues of the day and involves key officials to discuss what they’re proposing and how their policies impact people’s lives. 
Carlos Manzano
“I am supporting Yetta because her politics mirror her values; she has always cared about her neighbors, animal rights and the health of this community.”
Liz Margolies
Chelsea Resident
“I am supporting Yetta as a candidate for City Council because she is for the community, the little guy. This woman has continually proven that she will be there, even if the answers may not be popular. I trust her and know that she will represent her community to the best of her ability, every day.”
Cathy Marino-Thomas
Parent of PS3 graduate
“Yetta is relentless, passionate, and not afraid to make noise. She will never give up on our community, and she will never let special interest groups off the hook, no matter how sophisticated or powerful they are. She is exactly what we need in the City Council.”
Janos Marton
“I have always found one significant and resounding fact in Yetta Kurland: Yetta reaches out, embraces and finds a way to achieve justice, despite the odds and in face of the obstacles. Who better to represent us on the New York City Council than our own Yetta Kurland?”
Craig Massey
"If there is one thing I know about Yetta Kurland, it's that she is a tireless advocate for those who have no voice. She gives freely of herself to be of service to her community, without thought of what she might get in return. That's the type of politician I want to have in office."
Heather Matarazzo

“Yetta Kurland is a trusted friend of mine and a grassroots leader that we can count on. As a fellow women's rights activist, I have watched Yetta stand up and fight back for the rights of women and LGBTQ folks time and time again.

Yetta is a breath of fresh air for those of us who are tired of politics as usual. She's not guided by power or money, but by her heart. When other folks deem issues "hopeless" -- Yetta doesn't quit. She works tirelessly to elevate the voices of people who don't have traditional access to power.

Now is the moment for us to stand beside her. Yetta is the kind of leader the world needs more of.”
Emily May
“I support Yetta's principled stand on the need for a hospital in Lower Manhattan . Her leadership on this and other issues are essential to the Chelsea working class, LGBT, Latino, black, elderly populations with whom I have worked.”
Yehudit Moch
“Yetta Kurland is a strong leader who is dedicated to the cause. In our case she represents five female FDNY officers. She has been here with us for seven years and has represented us with great tenacity, which is beyond comparison. She is an individual who can always be counted on to do the right thing.”
Amy Monroe
“I support Yetta Kurland because when her community needs her, she is there. When Sandy hit, Yetta got word that a building in her neighborhood was without power or running water. In one afternoon she was able to organize volunteers to cook food, buy supplies and deliver meals and bottled water to residents in need. She is exactly the kind of person we need in the City Council and I am proud to call her my friend.”
Kim Moscaritolo
"At a time when the Supreme Court is taking on high-impact cases like marriage equality, we need an outstanding advocate like Yetta Kurland to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear where they matter most."
David Murray
"Yetta Kurland is a truly remarkable leader. Whenever a community needs a voice, an organizer or a champion, Yetta is there. Yetta Kurland gets things done. I am proud to call her my friend, and the West Side will be proud to call her their City Councilmember."
Paul D. Newell
Democratic District Leader
"If there is someone who has shown her resolve for community and put her legal prowess to work for others, it's Yetta, who is destined to be an assertive advocate on the City Council."
Louis E. Perego
Chelsea Resident
“I support Yetta because I have gotten to know her. She is a woman of honor and integrity right down to the core. She has fought tirelessly and at her own expense to fight for our hospital our schools our community. I have been impressed with her calm, intelligent approach when people are distressed and I believe her to be the voice of truth and reason. This city of ours will be a better place if she is elected to fight for us.”
Nicky Perry
West Village Small Business Owner
“I'm supporting Yetta Kurland for City Council because I know she's a tireless advocate for all underdogs, human and non-human. The 3rd Council district, where animal lovers are the majority, deserves a representative who understands animals are society's most vulnerable, someone who will make animal protection a legislative priority. Yetta will be that voice and I enthusiastically endorse her.”
John Philips
“I've know Yetta for over a decade now and I have watched her work tirelessly for LGBTQ rights, and for the rights of every day working people in New York City. Yetta is always on the forefront of social action. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty and fight the good fight. I trust that if elected she would represent the best interest of the underdog. I am especially impressed with her recent work in the Occupy movement. Yetta has my vote.”
Athena Reich
Actress, Singer/Songwriter
"Yetta Kurland is not just a candidate for City Council -- Yetta is a community organizer. She is smart, compassionate, creative, and effective. As Yetta's campaign manager in 2009, I saw first-hand what kind of future is possible for New York with her in the council. It's a future where our elected officials are held accountable, where problems are addressed head-on, in collaboration, and with clarity and honesty; a future where decisions are always made with people in mind first, over power and interests. Yetta works tirelessly every day to listen and learn from the community she serves. I'm confident in her ability to bring that people-powered spirit to the City Council."
Gregg Ross
“I trust her, I think she is honorable, I think she is smart, I think she is humane and cares about the community. She will do what is right for our district and be an incredible City Councilmember.”
Tanya Saunders
West Village Small Business Owner
"I have known Yetta for over 20 years and she has always been fighting for
what is fair and helping those who need it most. From renters rights to most
recently jumping full force into the Sandy relief efforts Yetta gets it
done. If you want to be truly represented and fought for she is the person
you want on your side."
Sandra Schwartz
West Village Resident and PS3 Parent
“As someone who has been in public service for so many years, Yetta has what I call the ‘3 C’s’ – Compassion, Caring, and Commitment. She brings old school activism into present day activism. She is smart and brings people together. She is in the streets and in our hearts and we all need her to be our next City Councilmember.”
Arnie Segarra
West Village Resident
"Yetta is the best candidate and she supports people. She is with the people and for the people."
Khemraj Singh
Hells Kitchen Resident
"I've known Yetta Kurland for several years and am continually impressed by her dedication and focus on serving her community. Whether she is fighting for adequate hospital facilities for millions of downtown Manhattan residents or to protect the civil rights of all New Yorkers, Yetta has been tireless, clear-eyed and unwavering in making New York a more livable city. I am proud to have worked with her and to be her friend and I know that she will serve New Yorkers with this same resolve and thoughtful care when she is elected to the City Council"
Justin Sullivan
“I am supporting Yetta Kurland in her run for City Council because our district needs her energy and support for community services. Yetta is fighting to preserve the character of our community, and she has been working hard to bring a new hospital to Greenwich Village, something we desperately need, since the loss of Saint Vincent ’s. I urge everyone in the 3rd Council District to vote for Yetta Kurland!”
Daniel Sutton
West Village Resident
"For many years Yetta Kurland has devoted herself to improving not only her neighborhood but also New York City . She continues to be a leading advocate for the expansion of quality healthcare and education services in New York City.”
Neal Tepel
"In our community, Yetta has been a passionate, effective and tireless advocate for in the struggles of ordinary people - for health care, human (and animal) rights, and honest and responsive government. Whether in the streets or in the City Council, we can count on Yetta to have our backs, even when it means standing up to the most powerful.”
Margaret Tobin-Segall
West Village Resident
"It's good to know Yetta is running for City Council. Her commitment to serving the community is unstinting, her energy is boundless and she has an acute sense of concern for humane issues. She would make a fine addition to the City Council."
Andrew Velez
“I support Yetta Kurland and want her to be my next City Councilmember because she knows that ‘Another City is Possible’. Her candidacy is about amplifying the voices of the 99% over the 1%-ers. Yetta is a powerful partner in the fight for the future at large. I couldn't be happier to have her on our side.”
Harry Waisbren
Chelsea Resident
“As a parent here in Manhattan it is important to me that we are represented by someone who will work to make the district a place that families like us will want to continue to call home. Someone who will make sure our schools, parks and other community infrastructure grow to meet the needs of our changing neighborhood. I believe Yetta Kurland is that person.”
Annie Walsh
Chelsea Resident
“Yetta is a champion of the voiceless, through and through. Whether it's for people whose rights have been trampled on or animals who have no rights at all, Yetta works so hard to make sure everyone is heard and respected.”
Marisa Wolfson Miller
Chelsea Resident
“I worked alongside Yetta Kurland during the grassroots movement for marriage equality in New York City . She believes in building community through listening to the people and then leading to create progressive change. She stands up for what is right to ensure government is held accountable to the needs of the people. She stood up for the LGBT community when their civil right to marry was being ignored. She stood up for the communities affected by the closing of hospitals. She continues to stand up for the people and animals affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The reason she knows that progressive change can occur is because she has been at the forefront making it happen for decades.

Yetta will be able to make a greater impact if she runs for public office. All who know her should press for this.”
Ron Zacchi
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