Jobs & the Economy

“Small business means jobs here on the Lower West Side.”

New York City thrives when small businesses thrive.  These businesses create jobs that keep our economy going.  City agencies – underfunded due to misguided austerity – need to stop viewing small businesses as a revenue source, and understand them as the engine of our local economy.

The needs of these businesses are always changing, and Yetta believes that the City must train workers for new jobs in this new economy.

Since artistic creativity is a big part of the Lower West Side’s economic life, funding for the arts is vital.  Infrastructure investments, like those in affordable housing and mass transit, create an environment in which businesses of all sizes can succeed.

As a small business owner herself, Yetta understands the hard work that goes into small businesses and the difficulties they face. She will continue to work with local small businesses to improve their viability and to protect them from excessive fines and tax escalations as well as predatory landlords.

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