“Healthcare is a human right.”

Yetta Kurland fought hard for “Obamacare”. The City of New York is obligated to cooperate with the Federal Government to make sure that New York residents benefit completely from the law.  As a Member of the City Council, Yetta Kurland will work every day to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to the quality healthcare we deserve.

When St. Vincent’s hospital – the lynchpin of healthcare on Manhattan’s Lower West Side was closed to make way for more condominiums, Yetta helped found the Coalition for a New Village Hospital, and has been leading the fight to replace St. Vincent’s. Working with doctors, nurses, patients, small business owners and community members she has gathered over 20,000 signatures for the cause.  Yetta was the lead attorney in actions to replace the hospital, and has vowed to continue the fight until full hospital services are restored to the community.


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