West Village, NY - The grassroots Obama group that helped propel the President to his first victory, announced it will be making an important endorsement this Tuesday.  The group Voterbook, formerly known as Obama NYC, is expected to be announcing its endorsement for Yetta Kurland, at a fundraising event being thrown this Tuesday January 8th by a host of NYC’s young political rising stars.

The event has been getting a lot of buzz with scheduled performances by Lee Camp a well known political comedian as well as performer Katie Goodman, along with Poppi Kramer and Nore Davis.  The event is being organized by Alex Leopold, Kim Moscaritolo, Glenn Oldhoff, Ben Yee, and District Leader Paul Newell along with a long host committee.

VoterbookNYC.jpgVoterbook, formerly is a grassroots group founded in January 2007 to support then Senator Barack Obama for President.  Voterbook members are voters and activists banded together for the common good, concerned with both local and national issues that affect our lives.

“Yetta Kurland is attuned to the needs of the community. She has a proven track record for positive change not only in her district, but throughout New York City. She is a true advocate for the people.", said Nina Agrawal, MD and Voterbook Co-Organizer.

“As a ten-year resident of Greenwich Village, I have had the opportunity to know Yetta Kurland and witness first hand her long-standing commitment to the community. She is an exemplary leader championing causes of great importance to New Yorkers. From her work as a civil rights lawyer to advocating for a new hospital on the Lower West Side to her partnership with Transit Forward and other local community groups aiding in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, Yetta is an outstanding citizen and a compassionate human being. We would be very fortunate to have her representing us in NYC’s Council District 3”, said Leah Kozak, Voterbook Co-Organizer.

"Yetta's courage to advocate for everyday New Yorkers is impressive. I believe she would be a valuable addition to the New York City Council", said Jeff Kurzon, Voterbook Co-Organizer.

“It would be an honor to be endorsed by Voterbook, a leading voice for New York City voters, who are politically engaged, and helping to shape local and national politics.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with these dynamic leaders as we pave the road to City Hall.”

Join Voterbook tomorrow evening, January 8th at 7pm to support Yetta Kurland's candidacy for City Council.

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