Civil Liberties

“Civil rights are the cornerstone of our country.  Maintaining them requires constant vigilance.” 

As a Civil Rights Attorney, Yetta Kurland has dedicated her career to defending all our rights.

From fighting discrimination in public employment to defending the rights of protesters to opposing stop and frisk, Yetta has been there.  During the Republic National Convention in 2004, she spent days and nights defending New Yorkers who were jailed for exercising their First Amendment rights.  When the city tried to silence the Occupy Wall Street movement, Yetta stood with the 99% and got a court order protecting their rights.  Yetta has vigorously opposed the abusive Stop and Frisk policies of the NYPD – and called out the unacceptable targeting of African-American and Latino youths for simply walking on our streets. She has represented victims of discrimination and bias crimes in numerous trials.

As a Member of the City Council, Yetta will insist that every city agency respects the rights of all New Yorkers. The very purpose of government is to secure these rights.
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